Bergomum exhibit

Bergomum exhibit

BERGOMUM. A hill that became a city” (Bergamo, Palazzo della Ragione, February 16th – May 19th, 2019), presents a comprehensive collection of archaeological remnants that trace the history of Bergamo over millennia. Notably, Bergamo is the only Lombard city to have developed atop a hill.

A Journey through Ancient Bergomum

During their visit, attendees will step into the shoes of ancient Romans as they embark on a journey into the heart of Bergomum. This experience promises to reshape their perspective on the city.

Mostra Bergomum Mostra Bergomum

Collaboration and Support

The Department of Culture of the City of Bergamo sponsors this exhibition in partnership with the Civic Archaeological Museum and the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Landscape for the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia.

Venue and Dates

This captivating exhibition unfolds within the historic Palazzo della Ragione in Città Alta and runs from February 16th to May 19th, 2019. It’s a collaborative effort involving the Cultural Heritage Office of the Diocese of Bergamo and the Adriano Bernareggi Foundation, with support from the Lombardy Region and contributions from the Province of Bergamo, Uniacque, and Immobiliare Percassi.

Mostra Bergomum Mostra Bergomum

The Theatrical Mise-en-Scène

Architect Silvana Sermisoni’s meticulous curation within Palazzo della Ragione creates a captivating theatrical setting, akin to unrolled papyri within a Roman library. As visitors stroll through the exhibition, white papers gradually descend from above, revealing the multifaceted aspects of Roman-era Bergamo.

A Treasure Trove of Archaeological Finds

The exhibition proudly showcases over 450 archaeological finds unearthed during excavations. Among these treasures are fresco paintings, mosaics, finely crafted bronzes, coins, an exceptionally rare glass balsamary, vases, oil lamps, tombstones, glass goblets, and terracotta statuettes depicting renowned gladiators, as well as everyday items for homes and personal care.

Mostra Bergomum Mostra Bergomum

Immersive Exploration

To enhance the visitor experience, the exhibition incorporates video projections, immersive soundscapes, Beacons that interact with mobile devices, and interactive installations curated by Studio BASE2. These elements enable guests to witness the hill of Bergomum emerging from Pliocene waters, accompany them through various locales within the Roman city, and guide them in uncovering archaeological treasures layer by layer.

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Mostra Bergomum Mostra Bergomum

Data: February 16, 2019