CAST – Masegra Castle

CAST – Masegra Castle

CAST- THE “CAstello delle STorie di montagna” at Castello Masegra

Technical design, development, and set-up of the installations inside the museum.

With CAST, the ‘storytelling museum’ opened inside Castello Masegra, a new chapter opens for the historic Valtellina site, which takes its rightful place as the protagonist in an artistic and cultural itinerary firmly rooted in the local territory, including events, exhibits and conferences.

At the heart of the initiative is the promotion of mountain culture, described through the 3As that best characterize it: the A for ARRAMPICATA (“climbing”), the A for ALPINISMO (“alpinism”) and the A for AMBIENTE (“environment”).

A walk-through multimedia installation curated by Marco Albino Ferrari and produced by the artistic group Studio Azzurro features videos, immersive devices, images and narrations, located inside the three levels of the museum’s circuit.

An interactive experience in which alpine culture and technology go hand in hand, making CAST a genuine ‘storytelling’ center, or in other words the “CAstello delle STorie”, (the “CAstle of STories”) where visitors can discover new ways to enjoy and appreciate the mountains.

Data: October 6, 2019
Committente: Studio Azzurro