Museo delle Grandi Opere

Museo delle Grandi Opere

Museo delle Grandi Opere

With the construction of the BRE.BE.MI motorway network and the Treviglio-Brescia High Speed Line, several archaeological finds of various eras have appeared, all collected within the “Museo delle Grandi Opere” in Pagazzano.

The museum consists of different rooms having the 3 ages of the finds (Prehistory and Protohistory, Roman Age and Lombard Age) as their theme.

Museo Grandi Opere

There are different display cases inside every room and the visitor is helped in understanding the displayed objects through tablets.

Each room contains a large touch screen illustrating the linked historical period.

Inside the first room, dedicated to Prehistory and Protohistory, a 3,300-year-old hut is reconstructed through Augmented Reality starting from hammered poles found in the municipality of Covo.

The Lombard section is the richest: the museum has a room entirely filled with projections designated to narrate the arrival of the Lombards to Italy.

A curious and fitting name, but it is not enough to realize the full scope of this cultural project that took life and shape more than a year after its conception. The best way to understand it is by directly visiting the museum; the opening ceremony guests, who did it in preview, were all left amazed.