The Beauty of Imaging

The Beauty of Imaging

In collaboration with FeelRouge Worldwide Shows, we’ve developed software for totems and multimedia tables capable of identifying various objects. This remarkable exhibition on diagnostic imaging is sponsored by the Bracco Group.

The beauty of imaging The beauty of imaging

Celebrating the Inner Beauty of the Human Body

The Beauty of Imaging celebrates the hidden beauty within the human body. This exploration is made possible by one of the ten most significant discoveries in the history of medicine: diagnostic imaging. It encompasses a range of techniques that blend physics, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and medicine to save lives.

A Journey Inside the Human Body

Today, we embark on journeys inside the human body hundreds of thousands of times worldwide for preventive and curative purposes. These journeys reveal the extraordinary complexity of the body’s regulatory mechanisms, the captivating perfection of its structures, and the overall harmony of its functioning.

An Exhibition Showcasing Humanity

The exhibition features large anthropomorphic structures, putting the focus on the true protagonist of the narrative: the human being. It traces the history of diagnostic imaging through its pivotal stages, accompanied by fascinating tidbits. This historical narrative highlights that modern diagnostics is the outcome of an exceptional global exchange of knowledge, even during times of socio-political tension.

The beauty of imaging

Exploring Four Diagnostic Technologies

Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of four diagnostic technologies. Large screens facilitate exploration of physics, chemistry, biology, and the applications and implications of X-Rays, CAT Scans, Magnetic Resonance, Ultrasounds, and Nuclear Medicine, all presented in a simplified and informative manner.

Combining traditional techniques with big data and artificial intelligence for future applications in the imaging field is another theme of the exhibit.

The Social Impact of Imaging

Another theme of the exhibit is the societal impact of imaging techniques on the global population, exemplified through big data.

Seeing the Invisible

From the core of imaging and its related technologies, including contrast media, to the presentation of technological supports illustrating the significance and role of contrast media research in the present and future, the exhibition finally leads to “Seeing the Invisible.” This section narrates through images accompanied by music and a voiceover, combined with holographic effects, illustrating how the journey inside the human body is fundamentally a profound journey of culture and knowledge.

Data: May 30, 2017