Castiglia of Saluzzo Museums

Castiglia of Saluzzo Museums

Development, production, hardware supply and set-up.

The life-size holograms giving life to the emblematic convicts and the production regarding the story of Griselda stand out among the stations.

Musei della Castiglia

Museum of Chivalry Civilization

On the 3rd floor of the “manica ottocentesca”, a new multimedia set-up presents, in the light of European history, the salient traits of the cultural identity expressed by the Marquises of Saluzzo and the related ruling classes between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries.

The Museum consists of 11 rooms, each of which enlightens an aspect or a significant moment of the chivalrous and courtly society of the Marquisate by presenting one or more key characters: weddings, ecclesiastical and military careers, literary references place Saluzzo at the center of a system of relations with the Papacy, the Empire, the kingdom of France, the Angevins, the big and the small states of the Peninsula.

Musei della Castiglia Musei della Castiglia

Museum of the Prison Memorial

The Castile, as a penitentiary institution, went through much of the national history: from the Risorgimento to the Proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy, from the Fascism to the Establishment of the Republic until its closure in 1992; each of these historical phases had different conceptions of punishment and different choices of criminal policy. Installations of great emotional impact, sustained by archival documentation of impeccable scientific rigor, contribute to propose an original and undoubtedly suggestive museum itinerary in the sequence of the ancient isolation cells in the basement.

Renowned figures, prisoners and officials, dangerous bandits and marginal poor retell the history of the first modern prison of the Duchy of Savoy through a multimedia setting that aims to involve even the public of the non-experts and the young people.

A 360-degree reflection on prison, on its historical significance for modern democracies and on its infinite connections with art, cinema, and literature.

Musei della Castiglia

Data: February 22, 2014